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 Scientific Anarchism 

the systematic elimination of the state

The Three Front War

The Middle Class is engaged in a Three Front War. The focus for most people is the political battle. This is a crucial front and needs to be fought with diplomacy, conviction and perseverance. We need diplomacy because it is not enough to rely on the radical fringe and bombastic politicians. Moderates need to universalize their message somewhat if only because it is the political front that is being used to divide us in the most egregious manner. As a matter of political necessity, the Middle Class has aligned with the right and conservative parties. The match is not ideal, but it provides more alignment than liberal parties do. The Middle Class will never gain a committed liberal, they are antipathic towards Scripture, middle class traditions, way of life and all of its crucial or core elements, but it does not benefit Moderates to alienate the more moderate thinker.

We cannot ignore the economic and religious wars. The war for souls is not an easy fight to ignore and yet it is not taken seriously enough. As Christians we are saved but our salvation is not the purpose of Christs gift. We are saved because he loves us, but we have to think of this love as general not as specific to us. The point of Jesus coming to earth and enduring the cross on Calvary was not a desire that one man might be saved. His love for us dies if it does not get transferred to others. The love of Jesus is dynamic and has to be shared to be maintained. This is the heart of the church.

The economic war is the most difficult to understand. Most people see capitalism as conservative. It has conservative elements, but capitalism is a liberal conception. Capitalism erodes the values of the Middle Class. There are elements of capitalism that are of course sympathetic to our core values however capitalism imperceptivity merges into globalism and globalist’s allegiance is to the ideology espoused by liberals not to family values. Until we can appreciate capitalism and especially what is referred to as corporatism as part of the divisive ideology of liberalism we probably will not fully understand the nature of the fight we are in.

The economic war is the most important and despite the lack of clarity it lays at the center of the conflict. Liberalism lacks a clear outline, but it is intrinsically linked to socialism and this is historically linked to governments that pursue social agendas with tax-based programming. This is not the dictionary definition, but tradition has made it thus.

Conservatism has many nuances but in people’s minds it tends to bring to mind a group of people who are more independent, that is, less dependent on government programming. So far as the economic war is concerned these images are pertinent.

Liberals are advocates for freedom, but the state cannot really give freedom because they have no freedom to give, but they can pay for the costs of what people want to do. The downside is that if two people want to go to the movies and there is only money for one the government can only give the second person the ability to go to the movies by removing it from the first. So, in a very real sense freedom as provided by governments are a zero-sum game.

The Middle Class simply wants people to retain what they have as much as possible. This is more closely associated with conservatism, but we have to be cognizant of where Moderates and conservatives part company, especially when dealing with the hard right of libertarianism.

The state can either take someone’s money and give it to someone else, or not. They cannot do both. The more they do for entitled groups the more liberal the state, the less they do this the more conservative. But if we say a conservative party ought not to do this then we see that all governments are to varying degrees liberal parties, some are more liberal than others. But can we have a truly conservative party? The answer is, no, if we do not pursue the war on all three fronts.

However, the nature of politics is such that conservative parties will ultimately adhere to their liberal roots necessitating the war on three fronts by a Moderate group focused on the rights of the Middle Class.

The righteous claim of the Middle Class to the resources on which they rely is why The Moderates Club exists and why it wars against liberalism on all three fronts. We are the only organization that does.