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 Scientific Anarchism 

the systematic elimination of the state

The Third Front - Economics

The Third Front is perhaps the least easy to deal with and yet the most crucial of all. It is also the most ignored by reformers because it is the least understood. Even though The Second Front is in disarray and largely abandoned most people understand the ideas behind a war between Good and Evil. We do not need to write pages of carefully knit arguments to illustrate a conflict between what is good and what is harmful. But in economics the line between good and evil appears less well defined.

The Third Front centers on combatting the politics of greed. Defeating greed is the silver bullet that eliminates unemployment, debt, poverty, pollution, taxation and waste of all kinds. These things are not natural events, they are not the consequences of some natural law, they are human generated events created by a system or systems that to some degree all reward greed. 

Moderates oppose greed based lifestsyles because greed is evil and generates evil works. Join The Moderates and help defeat the forces of greed on the Third Front.