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 Scientific Anarchism 

the systematic elimination of the state

moderology: the science of the core

Moderology is the scientific study of the Middle Class. Moderolgists are social scientists who investigate moderates as compared to extremist groups. Moderology is the study of the core community in comparison to the polarizing influences that seek to tear it apart.

In another sense moderologists investigate social chaos theory and entropic influence on the bonds of community. If we see moderation as a theory of the middle way then moderology can be thought of as a study of the core values of civilization.

Moderates look at human rights as expressing the core values of the middle class. The polarizing impacts of entitlement we believe are indirect attacks on the sanctity of our human rights, and thus also an attack on the cohesion of the middle class.

The replacement of human rights with legal rights is a subtle but nefarious process that serves to polarize us and legitimize the divisions we find in society.

The Middle Class is based on ownership of the world’s natural resources, this stems from the biblical statement that the people of God were created to care for the Creation of God. We have betrayed this single purpose and this betrayal began in Eden and has never been rectified.

Our ownership, that is the possession of the planet by the people of God, comes directly from God, not indirectly through government. The difference between the identity of the Middle Class and the poles is the distinction between a resource that is directly owned to one that is owned by indirect means.

The costs imposed on a community or reduced by virtue of the ownership model utilized are measured and compared by the researcher. Moderate communities favor the Middle Class. The Middle Class is defined by the direct model of ownership. Polarization is as much about destroying direct ownership as it is about destroying the Middle Class.

Moderologists will look at the time and resources taken to set up a business using the direct model of ownership compared to conventional methods of creating economic development and determine relative costs.

There is an irreconcilable distinction between liberalism and Moderates based on the ownership model available to each. Liberalism is confined to creating indirect ownership whereas Moderates, by definition use the direct model of ownership.

Moderatism is about the resolution of social divisions and the acquisition of power brought about by direct ownership.

Liberalism and Moderatism cannot be reconciled because liberals reject the concept of human rights as inalienable and absolute. Liberalism sees human rights as conditional. Human rights for a liberal are more accurately termed legal rights. Legal rights are gifted by governments.

Legal rights are required to make indirect ownership possible. Direct ownership can only be established in a system utilizing human rights. Thus Moderatism utilizes a human rights foundation and liberalism subscribes to a legal rights position.