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 Scientific Anarchism 

the systematic elimination of the state

Scriptural Response

The Moderates Club advocates a Scriptural response regarding the male role and societies response to low level behavioural issues; that is sub-legal behavioural issues.

The Moderates Club holds to a conservative and Christian attitude regarding mans place in society. We believe man is the head of the home, head of the church and is not out of place or depth heading up the state or other institutions. We believe male gender is identical to the male sex.

The Moderates Club believes sexuality is an emotionally charged issue better handled at the grassroots level, the level of the community organization, the church or Exchange. 


Sexuality has three parts, the male, female and child. Moderates believe in science and science-based thinking when it comes to forming policy on sex.

Moderates believe in sexual dimorphism simply because any other policy cannot be substantiated or advanced in anything like a rational manner.

Moderate social policy is supportive of the Middle-Class lifestyle and values not because it is politically expedient but because Middle Class values are the ones that are the most easily defended.

Moderate social policy is based on science and scripture.

The male is the head of the family not just because this is scripturally mandated but because it fits into what can be supported from an objective perspective.

In the simplest of terms, the male cannot bear children, nor is he naturally inclined to the level of nurture a female is inclined to.

In the most extreme circumstances the male is both more expendable and the deadliest; that is the most able to eliminate any threat to the family. Thus the format laid out in Scripture makes logical sense also.

The child is demonstratable the product of a male and female and so this naturally becomes the preferred family structure for a child to remain in.

Moderate social policy as regards the family is to remain as close to nature and biology as is possible and to institute such barriers as this normal biological structure requires to ensure its smooth and continued function.