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 Scientific Anarchism 

the systematic elimination of the state

Regarding Evil

Error Of Inclusivity:

Atheists claim God is evil, they say theists are guilty of doing evil. Fish eat other fish. This proves only that some fish are predators. Fish who eat diatoms are not a different kind of fish. They have a different food source. Nor does it mean red fish that eat other fish are somehow more evil than fish of other colours who are also predators. What we mean by this is that claiming theists murder people does not demonstrate murders and theists are equivilents. It is an irrelevant statement because no one has claimed theists are inacapable of murder. Additionally, theism is in this context and undefined category. IIf all of humanity are theist and humans kill people of necessity theists that are humans will also kill people. There has to be some possibility of a claim being falsified. When one does not identify in what way the category, theist, differs from the category human, then all one has done is prove humans kill other human beings which is not something anyone protests against.

Error Of False Purpose:

The claim that theists are evil falls afoul of the error of false purpose. No one has claimed that religion removes all sin from believers. It is not a failure of religion or a falsifier of its claims to demonstrate it does not do which it was never intended to do. In fact Christianity exist precisely because religion does not and cannot perfect human beings. Christianity is a response to the reality that no matter who we are or what we believe, we are as humans going to fall far, far short of the Glory of God.

Error Of False Equivilence:

God and evil may be related in some way but that does not make them equivilent. Religion and evil may also have some kind of relationship but that does not demonstrate they are one and the same. It needs to be demonstrated that all evil is done by God or that all theists are evil or even that all evil is religion based and there is no good within theism and no evil outside of this, which no liberal will attempt to do.

Liberals are victims of their own relativity. They see good and evil as being on the same continuum and so theists need not be evil in an absolutist sense of the word, they only need to be, in the eyes of liberals, worse than atheists. But the problem here is that atheists are the standard. Of course theists will not measure up to a standard provided by the atheists own self.

Error Of False Importance:

Your opinion does not demonstrate merit. Atheists all have a god complex. They believe their opinions are important, they think they are the judge of good and evil and they believe they are the standard by which good and evil are measured. These are the attributes and claims of God. They are not transferrable to men.

Error Of False Standards:

When atheists get around to judging Christians they use themselves as the standard. Atheists are not the standard for goodness. This is a fundamental error they make. They cannot be judge, contestant and standard and jury all rolled into one. This is not what the rest of the world would consider an objective or justifiable conclusion. It is simply an exercise in Confirmation Bias.

Error Of False Assumption:

Atheists are well aware of the evil done in the name of atheism or at least atheistic communism and in response to the moral bankruptcy of atheism. However, they are able to distence themselves from this by claiming atheim is simply a nihilistic rejection of God. That is, atheism makes no positive or affirmative claims. However, regardless the reality that evil is done by those who by some quirk of fate identify as godless does not mean similar acts done by theists are necessarily evil. Evil acts require intent and completion. Until atheists can demonstrate someone who in a fit of rage or through possession performs a harmful act did so with the desire to reject God and demonstrate his or her total disdain for the rule of God it is invalid to subscribe evil intent to them.

Evil acts must be done in opposition to God. Even if the act is of a horrendous nature but done with the mistaken idea this is done within the will of God, the act is not evil for it does not display a desire to do evil, which of course does accompany evil acts as done by atheists.  

In other words, just because the acts are similar in nature does not mean one can assume the intention is the same.