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 Scientific Anarchism 

the systematic elimination of the state

Policy Note

Moderate policy is based on the constitutional rights provided in Scripture.

Moderate policy and economic positions are consistent with the teachings of Scripture.


Moderatism combats extremist ideologies Three Fronts. The First Front is the political front. A key part of this campaign is the formation of policy that counters the globalist agenda.

Moderates support three political positions: the bible as the Constitutional foundation of our policy initiatives; the necessity for policy to add value to the world as fashioning works done in faith; and human rights.

In support of these things The Moderates Club has developed a set of policy initiatives.

As humans we have a right to the place we inhabit. We have a right to the things we create. Because we have these rights we have the concomitant right to reject the imposition of social costs onto ourselves, our society and our future generations.

Moderates reject the right of others to impose costs on them as we also reject our right to impose costs onto others.

Human rights are predicated on the freedom of all beings to eliminate the necessity of paying social costs, (cost created by others) but this entails or explicitly requires we not impose social costs onto society and future generations, ourselves. We have a right to the value we create but no right to the value created by someone else. Moderates stand by the right of all to refuse to take up costs created by others and the concomitant necessity to extend this right to them. It is the understanding of these rights that form the basis of our political policy statements.

The three front war​ is based on three areas in which social costs must be eliminated. The Third Front provides an economic model that does not impose social costs. This economic model is based on strategies developed by The Second Front. This economic model also serves as the financial foundation for fighting the war on The First Front.

The Moderates Club does not externalize costs. Moderate economies do not require society and future generations to pay costs created by other agents. All costs are contained in the supplier’s accounts. Moderate’ s policy states that those who create costs ought to pay the cost created by them. This is simple economics. Moderate policy is rational, and it is biblical.

Moderates push policy towards the middle. Ultimately conventional policy is all extremists and polarizing. No party has been able to defend a moderate position. The Moderate Club promotes the middle class and moderate social policy.