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 Scientific Anarchism 

the systematic elimination of the state

We are the authors of these jurisdications, we formed these polities.. We are the owners, not guests. Exercise your ownership rights, Claim the resources by being responsible for their allocation. Plant an Exchange where you live.

Organizational Profile

Moderates believe the planet's value or condition provides human beings with an objective and business-based measure by which we can evaluate our progress towards truth and prosperity. Moderates care for the planet by first caring for the lands under their feet. We add value to what we have and do. We add value first to what we have been given.

All persons are responsible for the condition of the planet. But it is what we live in and with that demands our focus. If we fail to live up to our responsibility to add value to the lands under our feet how can we add value to the earth. If we do not add value to what we own, we will lose any right to care for it as per Mat: 21.43; 25:29. We are held accountable for what we do or fail to do. 

We have a right to where we live based on the care we provide to the lands under our care. We are the property owners of earth according to the value we add to the value of the earth. We possess in fact and own by right of possession the political jurisdictions in which we locate ourselves. The world of man is not physical it is conceptual. Civilization is the reality we create through our human ability to add value to the world. We own civilization, we own the progress we build, we own the world formed through our minds and hands.

Our economic jurisdictions are the way we portion up reality to determine individual accountability. This right of ownership to what we have created cannot be abridged, rescinded or transferred. This is the basis of our property rights. We are responsible for the place we live. Environmentalism is the recognition that the value of the planet creates progress and it behooves all of us to be a positive creator of value. We own what we create, and we have no intrinsic right to anything created by any other being.

We do not own the earth or the air or the sky, but we own and can use and transfer the value created therefrom.

Moderates acknowledges the rights of all persons and peoples to where they live and the responsibility we each have to create value according to the resources at our disposal. We abjure the right of any to access any value they did not create.

We recognize possession as having an economic foundation. We own and possess what we use to generate value. Our rights of possession are equal to and as strong as the value produced by our possession. We as the owners of our enterprises stand accountable for our actions and inactions.

We stand firm on our rights to the property under our care and respect the right to lose that which produces no value. Our ability to add value to a resource is how ownership is legitimized. Surplus possessions are to be disposed of or removed from our grasp. We have no right to what we have no use for.

We believe we are the stewards of this planet. We believe we have a purpose and that purpose is to take responsibility for the resources under our care and to add value to all that we possess.

We believe God is the Creator of all things and our life and our responsibility and actions are done to model His own life.

We believe caring for the planet is a response to the dominion we were given and the stewardship we were entrusted with.

We believe Scripture is the final and ultimate sources of all right teachings and truth and nothing that contravenes Scripture must be allowed to stand.

We believe liberalism is in direct contrast with those teachings provided us by God, including contravening our property rights and our responsibility as stewards of the earth. The Moderates Party is pledged to the final and ultimate destruction of liberalism as the modern and political representation of Babylon.

Babylon is the destroyer of human rights and the antithesis of charity. It is the enemy of God and the conceptualization of tyranny in all its forms. Babylon is the opposite of the church and a concept used to define a lack of stewardship. To be charitable adds value to the planet.  Babylon is the encapsulation of the state and its social agenda. Babylon represents the doctrine of legal rights as provided by the state.

Legal rights are not consistent with human rights. Injustice is a process in which human rights are systematically replaced with the legal fabrications devised by the liberal state. This offends the concept of ownership and the liberty to be charitable with what one has produced.