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 Scientific Anarchism 

the systematic elimination of the state

What To Do

Moderates uses the organizational model known as an Exchange to transfer globalist assets to the Christian church. Stripping globalist organizations of assets inoculates the body of Christ from being contaminated by liberal tendencies. Exchanges are grassroots missions that exercise authority over a pool of assets as a charitable not for profit organization. Exchanges use a team-based approach. Exchanges are private markets owned by the church. The Exchange is the modern equivalent of a 1st Century church. The church owns the jurisdiction it oversees. 

For more on the way policy can be implemented see our statement on Implementation

Organizational Basics

Exchanges are the main vehicle by which Localist input policy into society. Exchanges are administratively consistent with the organizationally flat profile of a 1st century church. Exchanges are charities that promote human rights activities at the level of the local community.

The Moderates Club works with political parties and organizations including small groups and municipal organizations to help implement policies consistent with the authority of Scripture. The Localist Association works to eliminate social costs within and through the political and economic institutions now existing, with an eye to their eventual elimination. Exchanges are charities that serve to privatize public service networks and transforms existing public institutions into decentralized organizations. Privatized administrative bodies serve an administrative function not a prescriptive one. Exchanges break down the hierarchical institutions of the statist world.

Statist social policy necessitates social costs and inevitably leads to division and a reliance on the public sector. Statism does not just waste resources statism must culminate in the formation of fascist organizations. Authority without accountability for the costs created is the essence of statism. Unregulated authority no matter how well-meaning, is statist. Authority without accountability is tyranny. ​

Privatization requires the devolution of power down to the people at the grassroots level. Human rights and statism are not compatible. ​

A privatized organization has an administration which gains its legitimacy from the base. Without all power extending from the bottom democracy is an illusion. Ultimately all power comes from the people. The power of the people rests on the privatization of all wealth and institutional bodies. It is when the democracy permits the power of the base to return and oppress the base that democracy becomes turned into a tyranny. Democracy cannot be anything more than a market.

Governments must be administrative not prescriptive. Responsible administrations seek to eliminate social costs and permit the people to exercise their sovereignty as owners. The state is not to engineer society or implement a social agenda. This is why the best government is the least (prescriptive) government.

Democracy requires we be accountable for costs we create. Privatization creates a form of democracy that is grassroots and not representative. In a Grassroots Democracy the people retain all power not specifically assigned to a higher organizational level. Exchanges are able to produce social goods without producing social costs because power remains with the owners at the grassroots level. ​

The waste of resources is a violation of our property rights. Our human rights are meaningless without economic and political power, the power that comes from privatization. One will not find cultures that enslave its people exhibit a serious commitment to human rights.