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 Scientific Anarchism 

the systematic elimination of the state


Localism supports diversity.

The Localist Association  rejects discrimination  based on race, colour, origins, age or sex.

But rational beings must discriminate between different things because the ability to discern differences is rational.

Localists support the right of all peoples to their own preferences so long as it does not deprive anyone of anything  to which they were entitled.

Those things inimical to peace and which create social conflict must be discriminated against; even eliminated.

Actions which require the removal of the rights of constitutional rights for example the right of patriots to their land are unilaterally and unreservedly rejected.

To not discriminate against that which opposes everything we hold dear is perverse and unworkable.

Localists promote and supports all peace movements and all policy not divisive and corrosive of the social fabric. But patriots do not and cannot accept those things which threaten the social order.

The Localist Association supports initiatives  that do not produce social costs but we vigorously oppose anyone and any policy or program or ideology that does produce social costs. Social costs are not consistent with a constitutional republic. They are not consistent with the free market. 

If social costs are being created the free market is being eliminated. Localists opposes all imposition of costs onto consumers who share in none of the benefits produced by the costs created.


As we shall find with other issues globalist policies on immigration is composed of contradictory narratives. On the one hand we are told the world is undergoing global warming. We are told our nations need to reduce their carbon footprint. Carbon taxes are imposed to reduce our energy use. The government argues we need to reduce population pressure on the environment. We need to stop building homes on farmland. We need to reduce populations. We need to reduce resource use. Yet, these same governments drum into us the need for immigration. Bringing more people into our countries requires us to add more schools, roads, hospitals, homes and everything else a growing population needs. 

Experts tell us the population is aging, dying, getting sick and leaving the work force. The need for immigrants cannot be overstressed goes the globalist narrative. We need more immigration, more people added to our work force and our cities and towns.

If the stress put on the environment is due to population growth, why is a declining population not a good thing? If a declining population cannot be entertained, then are we not going to have to reconcile this with the damage population growth brings to the environment? But the real question is if we need immigrants because of an aging population what do we do as the new population ages? Do we increase the population more and more to infinity or to the point when the carrying capacity of earth is finally exceeded? Regardless of one’s position on either issue the reality is at some point there will be too many people on the planet and one way or another the numbers will be reduced, so we have to decide when and how this is going to happen.

The need for immigration is a manufactured need, an artificial need created to support a broader social agenda. The world will not stop spinning the oceans will not dry up if immigration is rejected. Immigration is needed only by Globalists. Economics does not require higher rates of immigration to exist.

Globalism needs immigration to keep resident workforces weak. To keep labor compliant there has to be competition for jobs. At one time unemployment was kept at around 3% but at this rate labor had too much power and the standard of living tended to rise, so unemployment was shifted upwards to the 6 - 7% level using immigration. To keep the unemployment high and labor weak immigration has to be high. 

Conservatives have begun to buy into this thinking as the shift to the left continues. Despite some minor shifting along the political spectrum both Right and Left have come to agree that immigration is required. Both ends of the political spectrum for their own reasons want labor to be kept weak. Localists need to realize neither the right nor the left are truly supportive of a declining population.

A total ban on all immigration must start when unemployment is above 3%.

In conflict zones an association of nations ought to establish safe zones. Woman and children will be accepted and sheltered in these zones. No men of military age will be permitted entry. Men of military age will be formed into battalions, trained and sent to fight for their lands.