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 Scientific Anarchism 

the systematic elimination of the state

How moderates Destroy liberalism

The Moderates Club conducts a three-front war against liberalism. When we think of liberalism as this entire system of thinks it is more appropriate to refer to it as Babylon. If the Middle Class is serious about overcoming this world we must attack the political, spiritual and economic elements of Babylon.

The Moderates Club does not focus on winning elections our focus is on pushing policy initiatives through conventional party organizations. We tend to work from within present party structures. This causes less disruption and is more impactful for the cost incurred.

The spiritual war cannot be ignored. Fascists have attacked and routed the church, the body of believers is in disarray. We were the first and main victims of fascism. Our Christian front is centered on the Middle Class and the problems of Ecumenics or how to unite believers into one body under Christ. The New Testament serves as the First Constitution or Constitution Of The Moderates. The importance of the ecclesiastical front may not be apparent to unbelievers, but you will come to recognize how crucial it is as you delve into the intricacies of Moderate philosophy.

The central front is economics. This front encompasses how we do business and how we think about ownership. If you are have struggled against fascism and thought, you were not making headway it is because you failed to fight on all three fronts. If you have neglected to understand the third front of the war you will not have achieved much that was substantial or permanent. This cannot be stressed enough. It is vital that everyone involved in the war against Babylon appreciate the need to combat it on all three fronts.

The key is to reverse the polarization that comes with extremist ideologies. Babylon divides and conquers. The Middle Class must work to resolve these divisions and demonstrate the commonality of all stakeholders’ concerns. We do this through the agency of Exchanges which will be discussed in detail below.