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 Scientific Anarchism 

the systematic elimination of the state

Globalist Free Trade

Don’t be misled, when globalists speak on free trade they do not mean there are no limits or restrictions on trade. Free trade is code for not having to be concerned about the impact their policies have on anyone other than themselves.

For globalists there is no contradiction between advocating free trade and favoring tariffs on imports. Globalists want freedom to sell both domestically and internationally and if this requires protecting domestic markets and opening up international ones they are for both options.

Free Trade

Free Trade is a liberal policy. Free Trade is not consistent with a coherent view of reality, that is though it may make sense when considered as a discrete idea free trade does not fit in with a society with a concern for human rights or truth. Free Trade is inconsistent with our values and human rights. The nation is not supposed to be run as a service of the state. A profitable economy is not the first priority because no oligarch is the reason for the existence of the nation state. The nation is God's gift to us, the citizen. Many otherwise reasonable people and politicians who ought to know better have been misled by Free Trade rhetoric. If you do not agree with open boarder immigration do not side with those who advocate open boarder trade. A nation must always have the option of shutting down its boarders for the sake of national security and national benefit. Some things ought not to enter our property; our lands or our culture. We ought always to have the right of choice and the power to say, no!

​Moderates are not against imports, but the true cost of the import has to be established. If a business sheds 3000 persons and imports what it used to produce the cost of the entire policy has to be added to the price of the import. The company in fact has to pay the cost of resettling these displaced workers or the savings for the community is from the position of the community, illusory.

​Exchanges allow communities to determine the true cost of imports. Free Trade is not a viable option. It leads to the loss of national security and the loss of the people control of their communities and economies. Free Trade is not socially neutral. Ensure your party and political candidate restricts all imports to those that are specifically beneficial to the local economy. Support The Moderates policy on Free Trade by promoting the use of Exchanges to create a more stable and secure economy.