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 Scientific Anarchism 

the systematic elimination of the state

The Moderates Club  fights  for the  constitutional rights of its members as given by God in and through The Constitution Of God holding this to be the sacred  founding document of The Republic of God

Globalism creates debt, globalist economies cannot eliminate debt without destroying the economics of the global market.

For globalists this is a paradox, for localists it is a sign we need to understand what God wants us to do.

Policy On Debt

There is no logical excuse for debt it exists for only one reason; society has become corrupted by a monetary system that is geared to the globalist agenda. The level of debt is proportional to the lack of trust that exists. The monetary system reflects and exacerbates a confrontational economic system.

Moderates believe the trust in a community enables us to eliminate debt simply by eliminating the mistrust created by Globalist thinking.

The Moderates approach to debt elimination is based on the Bible. Direct Exchanges are applications of Scriptural economics. If you do not understand how Exchanges work, you do not understand the bible. Please familiarize yourself with the basic structure of the Exchange model and their operation so as to understand the economics of Scripture.

The Bible is not Globalist in its teachings. Scripture is a very good source of information of making Moderatism work.

As goods and services are provided by Exchanges fiat money will no longer be needed. If we no longer use fiat currencies the debt creation model will be abandoned, and society will move towards a cash-based economic model. If we see the debt-model as a product of globalist thinking simply by assuming a Moderates perspective debt is systematically eliminated. This may appear odd but it is nevertheless true.

When people have money to invest earnings can be used to purchase Preferred Shares in a Direct Exchange. These cash investments help Exchanges pay down member debt.

Direct Exchanges may also choose to sell Bonds and pay off conventional debt with the proceeds. All fiat currency collected is deposited in a Trust account, as funds accumulate these monies can be used to pay down member debt. Exchanges acquire member debt in exchange for surplus deposits of fiat currency. 

​Members receive debits equal to the value of the loan acquired, these debits are liquidated in the normal course of business by members. 

​No interest is payable on the debit balance. It is up to members to ensure any debit balances are liquidated. In this sense positive and negative balances are the responsibility of the membership not individual members.

If you wish to participate in eliminating debt please contact us about starting or joining a Direct Exchange.