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 Scientific Anarchism 

the systematic elimination of the state


Charity begins and to some degree ends, at home. The state nor its affiliates are a proper source of charity. AID is a perverse and dishonest activity no nation ought to permit.

The Moderates Club promotes charitable giving but at the grassroots level. Those who produce the wealth are the only valid provider of charitable funds.

Charity must arise out of a desire to give from what one has produced. There is no charity or kindness if robbing Peter to benefit Paul. The charity of the state or business sector is likely to be more about manipulation than about a desire to manifest generosity. It is difficult to claim empathy while using another’s money. If charity is to mean anything there must be real costs attached for the giver. When charity is pursued through state agencies the costs are not real; not for the state. Too much of state sponsored charity is political in nature done in pursuit of a social agenda; as opposed to the needs of the recipient.