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 Scientific Anarchism 

the systematic elimination of the state


We all have a mission and purpose in life. The question is; is our mission to our neighbors and friends or to ourselves? Who are we expected to benefit?

If your mission is to your neighbor, then please join with your neighbors to help them more.

About Us

Utilitarian Solutions is he only viable form of ownership is direct ownership.

Moderates believe truth is simpler than lies and honesty works better than untruth.

Direct ownership simplifies everything and makes everything work better.

Moderates believe in local power and local ownership as the foundation of all authority and power. Moderates are people who take responsibility for their political jurisdictions.

Yet, there are those who malign patriotism and ridicule people who take responsibility for their location. Boarders are said to be non-existent and yet a boarder only marks out a people’s area of concern.

Patriots have been discriminated against by those whose vision is globalist in systematic and often in extra-judicial ways. 

Moderates believe patriotism is fundamentally and necessarily a commitment to the land we rely on and inhabit. Our first responsibility is to our home. Our responsibility extends outwards to our community and local political jurisdiction and to our nation and lastly the world.

These areas of concern are given boarders that reflect our sphere of engagement.

Moderates believe there are organizations and even politicians if not entire governments who seek to discredit and marginalize patriots and make patriotism into an unacceptable expression of our sense of ownership over our political jurisdictions. They know that left unchecked patriotism leads inevitably to localism, the realization the lands we occupy are ours to own directly. The Middle Class is a direct threat to Babylon and its globalist agenda.

The Moderates Club serves as the voice of the Middle Class. The Moderates Club offers support, information and help to those who wish to exercise local ownership over their local political jurisdictions. The Moderates Club works to empower the Middle Class.

Moderates abhor and reject the trend that associates patriotism with racism, xenophobia and bigotry. Patriotism is fully consistent with God’s Constitution. Patriotism is a natural outgrowth of mankind’s sense of ownership and responsibility.

Moderates assert we as citizens have as much right to our lands as we do to our homes and for the same reason and under the same authority. We have a right to what we create and to those things bequeathed to us by God.


Who We Are:

The Moderates Club is a place where we of the Middle Class meet.

What We Do:

The Moderates Clubs supports members of the Middle Class and serves as an advocacy for our values, traditions and viewpoint.

How We Do It:

The Moderates Club empowers the Middle Class by bringing all stakeholders to the table to demonstrate the mutual benefits of working together in a common way and with a common voice.